With boutique decor, personable staff and a large selection of moderate to high end fashion and more, we make consignment easy and convenient.

We pride our business in offering customers new and slightly used upscale designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and accessories.

Consignor Intake Requirements

  • By appointment only
  • All items must be freshly cleaned & pressed or dry cleaned; a $1.00 fee will be charged if an item requires steaming
  • All garments must be received on hangers (hangers will be returned to consignor at the time of intake if requested)
  • Garments must be 2 years or newer unless a classic designer such as Chanel, St. John, Gucci, etc...
  • Ten to fifteen garments; up to five pair of shoes/boots plus accessories of a reasonable number
  • All intake is at the discretion of A Dress Change

45 Day Consignment Period

  • Following intake, your items will be inventoried within 48 hours.  You will receive an email listing the items that you have left, by brand and by price.
  • Our inventory tickets reflect three prices.  Initial price; 30% off (at 30 days); and 50% off (at 45 days).
  • We do run specials and these reductions are generally shared with the consignor.
  • Our split is 60/40 (40% goes to the consignor)
  • A $1.00 processing fee is charged to consignor for each item sold
  • All unsold items will be donated to Hospice and consignor will be provided with the tax credit.
  • If unsold items are not picked up within 7 days of the 45-day period, they are automatically donated to Hospice


How does the consignor get paid?

Once a consignor has established an account, they will be provided with their account number.  From this point forward, consignors have the ability to access their own personal account remotely.  This allows the consignor to monitor movement of their personal inventory.

  • As sales are made, each item that is sold gets credited to the appropriate consignor at the time of the sale.  Credits accumulate and can be used at any time towards purchases made at A Dress Change or;
  • Checks are issued for accounts with a minimum credit balance of $20.00 on the 2nd Friday of the following month.  Checks are available for pick-up by the consignor only.   If the balance is less than $20.00, this rolls over to the next month.  If a minimum of $20.00 still hasn't been sold, then the balance will be paid out at the end of the consignment period.
  • Consignor checks are issued on the SECOND FRIDAY OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH.  Checks are voided after 6 months.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to inquire if a check has been prepared.

Wondering what has sold and how much you have earned? Click the “Consign Pro” button below to view your private individual account details through Consign Pro.

Thank you for shopping at and consigning with "A Dress Change".